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Are you a Landlord experiencing a dispute with a tenant?

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Landlord and Tenant dispute specialists

  • Are your tenants causing damage to your property or not paying rent? 
  • Our expert solicitors can help you with a range of matters such as;  rent arrears and enforcement of possession orders
  • Gain possession of your property with a Section 8 and or a Section 21.

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Civil Litigation specialists

We specialise in all aspects of litigation from boundary and neighbour disputes to harassment and possession cases. 

Our Litigation solicitors are experienced advocates and also conduct hearings on behalf of our clients; providing guidance and reassurance through your case.

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We aim to deliver timely and appropriate legal advice and assistance, as members of ‘Resolution’ we advocate a non-confrontational approach and encourage solutions.

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Nasser is well versed in matters involving negligence, injury, consumer credit, property litigation, boundary disputes, civil and commercial debt.  He has recently been granted Higher Rights of Audience and conducts much of his own advocacy.

Nasser Arif

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