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Driving with No Insurance

The law requires every driver to have at least third-party insurance in place before driving or parking a vehicle on a public highway. If you are found guilty of driving without insurance, you can face an unlimited driving ban or facing 6-8 penalty points. Additionally, the Court can impose a fine of up to £5000.

Are you charged with driving without insurance?

The police are generally well equipped in order to determine whether or not the information provided by the driver when stopped whether insurance does exist. Quite naturally, the Police can make mistakes and their database can sometimes be inaccurate.

If you have allowed someone else to drive your vehicle without insurance, you are at fault and can be charged. Equally, if you drive another person’s car and your insurance doesn’t cover you to drive other vehicles other than your own, you can be charged for driving without insurance.

It is often the case that in genuine matters a special reasons argument can be presented to the Court in order to avoid any points at all. Driving without insurance is a serious offence. You are automatically guilty if you do not have valid insurance. In some cases, a person may believe they are insured under a policy that is no longer valid. This is frequently the result of a parent or spouse forgetting to add them to the policy. This can sometimes amount to a special reasons plea which would enable the Court to avoid imposing any penalty points.

Driving without insurance solicitors

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