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Special Reason

A special reason is an argument that can be placed before the Court on all types of motoring offences including, drink driving and driving without insurance. A special reason can result in a lighter penalty or in some instances no form of punishment at all from the Courts.

Is there a criteria when presenting a special reason?

There are four minimum criteria’s that must be met for the Court to accept that there are special reasons for you committing the driving offence. A matter must:

  • Be an extenuating circumstance
  • Not amount in law to a defence to the allegation
  • Be directly connected to the commission of the offence
  • Something that the Court must take into consideration when deciding what penalties to impose

Will a special reason help?

A special reason could be that you were driving in excess of the speed limits due to an emergency or Your drink/food may have been spiked making you unaware of your alcohol/drug intake. 

For many motoring offences, the penalty is either a mandatory disqualification or the endorsement of penalty points. For some people receiving penalty points is not particularly life-changing however, a driving ban is more likely to have a significant impact as it could possibly result in a loss of employment.

The Court must be convinced that special reasons do apply in the driver’s case and secondly, they must then decide whether to exercise their discretion in favour of the driver in order to avoid a disqualification.

Seeking to rely on a ‘Special Reason’?

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