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Taxi Licence Appeal

Do you need to make a Taxi Licence Appeal?

For a taxi driver if you were to get your licence revoked it can result in financial hardship which will in return affect things like affording mortgages/rent, purchasing groceries and utility bills. The difficulties faced by taxi drivers are; once a local council has decided that you have failed to comply with the regulations with their ‘fit and proper person’ test they can revoke the taxi licence on the grounds that the driver is no longer a fit and proper person.

How can we assist?

We understand, if your taxi licence is at risk, it can be a stressful period for you. We will provide representation for you at a Taxi Licence Committee, Disciplinary Hearing and appeals at the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

If you require our assistance for a Taxi Licence Appeal call us today on 0161 798 9000.