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Mobile Phone Offences

Using a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel is a serious driving offence, the government are constantly updating the laws when it comes to driving whilst using a mobile phone as technology advances. Using a mobile phone and other electronic devices whilst driving carries an automatic six penalty points and a fine of up to £1,000. This applies whether you are receiving text messages, phone calls, programming a GPS or engaging in any other way with a device.

Can I use a hands-free device whilst driving?

It is illegal to hold a phone or any other electronic device whilst driving, you must have hands free access such as:

  • Bluetooth headset
  • Voice command
  • A dashboard holder or mat
  • A windscreen mount
  • A built-in satnav

You can still be prosecuted if you are not in full control of your vehicle whilst using hands-free.

When is it illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving?

You are not able to hold your device whilst driving, the law applies to you if you’re:

  • Stopped at traffic lights
  • Queuing in traffic
  • Supervising a learner driver

You must be pulled over and your engine must be off to be using your phone or any device. 

The only exception is if you require to call emergency services

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